Sunday, February 20, 2011

City in the Twilight, Yonge-Bloor Street Downtown Toronto May 20 2009

Dusk just casts its warmth over the tip of the cranes and the shape of the wonder woman or superman.. City gives me only this kind of twilight scenes than panoramic views over the horizon in the Pacific projected by mother nature.

But I love this as well... not too bad actually..

quality of sun light in our life , Unionville Ontario Sep 15 2010

crispy sunlight in the afternoon.. , Unionville Ontario Sep 15 2010

was full of glory & blessing..
in this very old village of more than 200 years
built by German immigrants..

Mozart : Piano Sonata No.11 K. 331 Andante grazioso II 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plein Soleil, Lake Ontario, Toronto Island Jun 21 2009

When I saw the pacific horizon under the hot bright sun with white clouds above, it reminded me of the old french movie.. Plein Soleil starred by Alain Delon.

His eyes of agony and fear were as deep blue as the ocean...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

lunch time Jazz.. :p , 'Dora Keogh' Dandorth Toronto May 8 2010

as i just start drinking my Guinness
a bunch of musicians stormed into the stage

what a luck to have the nice & mature jazz band
for my lonely luncheon session.. :p

soup was quite fit for my taste
as Tony, the cook, recommended..
and it went well with the multi-grain bread..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Peter for Don River Expedition, Don Valley River Toronto Summer 2008

Mountain bike is Peter's companion at all time for the expedition which has been tried once a week on Friday afternoon from May until now.
I love to be with all the living or non-living things around the Don River.
Someday I would prepare a report on the Ecology of Don River which has been being rehabilitated month by month and of course year by year...

Cormorant is really a marvelous hunter. They dive deep for a long time to search and catch fishes and they are excellet flyers as well. I can frequently see the birds hunting fishes in the river and I happily assume that there are enough fishes for them to feed.

On my way returning home, I saw the falcon hovering high above me. It is always amazing to have the beautiful bird gliding with elegance high in the sky..

I know there is one herron which is an habitant of the river side and whenever I go down to the river, she flies down to me for greeting and takes a wonderful pose for me.